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The Alamak Project is designed to be a fun social community where you can make friends and do interactive things!

Build Chat-Points To Level Up!

What's so unique about our leveling system? YOU decide how quickly you level up! That's right. We have a very intricate system that awards points for participation. No more waiting a month or longer regardless of how much you participate to get a level up!.. check out our guide section or click the link below to learn more!

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Register Now - It's FREE!

Register now to get your own account. It's fast, easy and it's free! All users MUST register! You get a reserved nickname, and the ability to use all operator commands! You decide how quickly you level up and unlock access to further commands and abilities! Click below to register / sign up!

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Chat Rules

We have a basic set of rules to follow while you are using the chat rooms. These exist for everyones mutual happiness and satisfaction. Please check out the link below for more information or to read up on chat rules before you use our service so you do not accidentally find yourself kicked, or worse by mistake!

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