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The Alamak Project is designed to be a fun social community where you can make friends and do interactive things!

Welcome to The Alamak Project! I grew up chatting on the original Alamak starting back in late 1996 early 1997. It was one of my favorite places to hang out online. I made a lot of friends and had plenty of good times!

At this Alamak you'll have developers who care about their site. And are constantly upgrading it and innovating new ideas. We already have so many new ideas to work on we don't even know where to start first! And that's on top of all the core chat functionality.

But isn't the original Alamak still around? Well, yes it is. However to my dismay, it has become run down. The owner hasn't updated the site in almost 10 years and it's a wonder that it's still up and running. My goal is to revive the Alamak community and provide them with a free fun place to hang out. I have a lot of ideas I'm going to put into action on this site and continually update it with new and exciting functions and features. It's built to be a fan site and look similiar to the original. (At least the in chat portion - the site layout is obviously different.) However, a lot of functionality has been improved, built upon, and fresh ideas applied. I hope you'll enjoy your time here with me as much as I hope to!